Who am I - Buses

2012.03.14 17:53

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2012. 04. 20.

The app is on the market!

You can find the app:


For under four years old toddler

Child starts to babble from memorizing word.
It cannot be skipped to make a child having the eyes of curiosity to various objectives memorize animal names with animal images.
With watching animal friends are getting on a bus,
this application is developed to learn name of animal excitedly.
Animal image reflected by shadow develops child’s ability to think and reason.

2012. 04. 14

Yesterday, we finally sent the program Apple App Store and the program is waiting for review. It took far longer than I expected due the background music! We adept three theme songs on the program for the title, the main and the credit. I'm sure everyone like the music! It's super lovely songs!

Thank you very much Jung-min Hong!

2012. 03. 14

We are under developing new educational materials - Who am I series. Here we present some screen shots. At the moment, we are recording sounds. I hope we could release the first application of the series in a couple of weeks.

This applications are aimed under two years old children, and I believe this could help boys and girls to extend their vocabularies and facility of sensing. Children may learn animal names by it's sounds and shapes. Every animal shows it's shadow then shape. When it shows shadow, you can hear the voice of the animal.

Coming Soon!!!